You Are More Than Your Job Title

MOS 472Do you sometimes get upset at the fact that your current role is not where you imagined yourself to be?

You are not alone. In the last week of February, I was in a bit of a state about this. I worried and thought (and worried some more) about my current job title in relation to some of the goals I want to achieve. I knew that worrying about it wasn’t going to change the present moment. Neither was it going to put me in the right trajectory for the future career I want. At that very moment, it dawned on me…I am NOT my job title. I am not the label provided to me at the moment. I am currently in a transition phase. I am in a growth and personal development phase and it is only a season in my life. It will not last forever even though it may feel like that.

Do you know that point in your life where you feel like your job title is no longer adequate and meeting your needs? That is the moment where you need to actually forge through and work through your emotions. It is the BEST time to try and understand why you feel that way, and highlight the things you can learn from it to prepare you for the next season in your life.  The more prepared you are, the better chances you have of weathering whatever storm you might come across in the next season. It also allows you to appreciate what you currently have, and power within you to make significant changes. The more grateful and content you are in your current season, the more opportunities you’ll find to explore and grow further. Gratitude creates abundance, and more things to be grateful for.

While in your current role, so much growth and development can take place if you look at it as a training opportunity. The time you spend in a role you are not fond of helps you to:

  • Build your character. Work on becoming the best version of yourself. This is also the time to learn from the leaders you work with. What are some of the characteristics they display that you’d love to emulate?
  • Get comfortable doing mundane tasks that you’re not interested in because if you want to be an entrepreneur at some stage in your life, you have to get really comfortable with this
  • Discipline yourself to provide good results even when you are not feeling it
  • Chase your dreams! There’s something oh-so-special about having a steady pay check that makes it easier to pursue some of your dreams whether entrepreneurial or not. You have that security blanket to test the waters knowing fully well that if things don’t work out, you still have your day job!
  • Polish your time management skills. I’m still struggling with this one to be honest. I’ve been known to sacrifice sleep so I can work on my side hustle after I have completed all other mandatory tasks
  • Treat your current job the way you would love your future employees to treat their job while working for you! I cannot reiterate this enough! It’s so easy to slip into the attitude of doing a half-arse job (for lack of a better word) because you don’t like your job. Force yourself to go above and beyond what is required of you because this is exactly what you would expect if you were paying someone to work for you. I try to remind myself of this on the days I’m not feeling it

Be honest with yourself. Will your worries truly be rectified by changing your job title? Or is it better to invest in your own personal development by reading books and listening to educational podcasts? The catchphrase “stay in your lane” keeps ringing in my head and I would like to add to it by saying enjoy your current lane.


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    This really resonates with me.

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