The Chic Bridesmaid

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Jourdan Dunn, Runway to Green

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, I must admit that I have a bias for dresses that can be worn after the wedding. I am not a huge fan of dresses that have that ‘wedding’ vibe to it. Dresses that look like dinner gowns or chic black tie dresses speak most to me. These days, majority of bridesmaids cover the cost of their dress so I see the dress itself as a long term investment for the wearer. Having said that, I’m not suggesting that you dictate to the bride what you must wear on her special day. I’m still not sure if I actually want to have bridesmaids when I get married. But if I do, I would like them to wear slightly different dresses. This can be achieved either by wearing the same style in different shades, or the other way round. What’s your preference? And would you want to have bridesmaids when you get married?


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