Project 1 Of 52: What Does Success Look Like To You?

It’s interesting how thing work out. When I decided to do this project, I didn’t really set any concrete rules on how I’d go. I just knew that I wanted to grow and expand my comfort zone.

For my first project, I decided to do something to ease myself into it. The challenge was simple: stay back after church and socialize with people I’d never met before. Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I’m the girl who leaves straight after church. It takes a lot for me to stay back and walk around introducing myself to new people and new groups and that is exactly what I did for my first project.

I got chatting to Rob and somehow our conversation went in the direction of personal and career development. One thing I took from my conversation with Rob is that you have to come up with your definition of success before you start chasing down goals and ambitions. It’s so easy to buy into someone else’s dream because they’ve done all the hard work. But for you to truly own your dream and enjoy the journey that takes you there, you need to understand what success means to you.

If you type in ‘what does success look like to you’ into Google, you’ll come up with 357 million results! Let that sink in for a moment. That in itself shows that a lot of people have different views of success. I remember Rob saying to me that your vision of success should be well rounded. When I asked him to elaborate further, he said that success is not just in the dollar figure. Money is obviously an important factor in most people’s lives, including mine. But you’ve got to see past the dollar figure if you truly want to grow in your career and your personal life.

Rob went into detail telling me how he applied his theory to the job search that led to him being employed in his current role. He was at a transitionary stage in life; his job at the time met his basic financial needs but he didn’t see himself as being a successful person. So he decided to write down what a successful day looked like to him, and how it translated to his personal and work life. He told me that by the time he finished this exercise, it was clear to him why he felt unsuccessful. Armed with this new knowledge, he chose to only apply for jobs that drew him closer to his definition of success. I always find it really interesting when people tell me why they chose to make a certain change in their life, or travel down a path no one really expected them to take.

It got me thinking of what success looks like to me other than a dollar figure and graduating with a research degree. I’m still thinking about this…very carefully. In the meantime, I’d love to know your take on this subject. What does success look like to you?


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  • Reply Jane B May 31, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    Big step forward. As you have correctly said success is seen differently by different people. I have made that effort to look beyond the dollar value when viewing my idea of success. If I can find myself and enjoy the things I love most in life…like being around nature…exploring the world and being present to the now – may be vague but I ask myself everyday when I wake up to go to a job at my age…for how long I will do this. But I haven’t found a solution to what I really need to achieve success…a few ideas cooking though. I now have time to think transform….lets see how I will do it.

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