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We have already established the fact that I love weddings. I love small weddings just as much as I love big weddings. My preference is for intimate weddings, whether big or small. I’ve been thinking of the different ways to make weddings more budget friendly without losing the beauty and charm that comes with weddings. This took me back to the last episode from Gossip Girl where Blair and Serena had their weddings. Both weddings looked intimate and glamorous. With that in mind, I will be discussing location ideas for your wedding that are budget friendly. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  1. Living room: I’ve heard quite a few people talk about getting married in an impromptu wedding ceremony either in their living room, or that of a family member. I used to think they were boring until I saw Serena’s wedding in Gossip Girl. This location is great because it creates that feeling of intimacy instantly. It is cost free. You can wear any dress of your choice. Your options for decorating the room are simply limited to your imagination. Personally, I love the fact that it forces you to be ruthless about the list of people you want present to witness your special day.
  2. Backyard: With a backyard wedding, you have the benefit of more space to play with. This is especially great for those that love being outdoors. The main costs I can envisage coming up would be the cost of renting a tent/marquee if necessary, and chairs depending on the number of guests you have.
  3. City/town centre/park: Before you do this, make sure you check with your local council to find out the cost associated with it. A family friend got married at the local town centre and was charged an hourly rate. The best part about this (depending on where you live) is the availability of props to use for a photoshoot straight after your wedding.

Next week, I’ll be discussing some more wedding location ideas.

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